Our Process

Jewelry fabrication is the art of creating and assembling jewelry through diverse methods.  Precious metals, such as silver, gold and platinum undergo labor intensive processes that help infuse metal joints thereby producing fashionable art.  Our promise is to help you create a handcrafted piece that you will cherish for a lifetime.  We will guide you through every step, from ironing out the details of your design, to creating a 3D model, to finalizing your piece.  Our creative process consists of three main steps, with an additional step which is optional.

Designing & Model Making

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Jewelry designing is the first step of devising wearable art.  Using a combination of jewelry illustration and computer aided-design (CAD) we are able to transfer your concepts into a visual aide that we use as a guide to manufacture your one of a kind piece.

Wax Sculpting

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Once a design is selected we then begin the jewelry fabrication process with the help of waxes.  Shaping and carving the wax to perfection either by hand or with a 3D printing machine, you will be able to watch your vision come to life as we prepare it for our lost wax casting process.


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Next, we make a mold which is then used to inject the desired metal to produce your personalized piece. After the metal solidifies the casted piece goes through a thorough cleaning and polishing process to refine the raw metal into an alluring piece.

Stone Setting

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Based upon request, we can adorn your unique piece with precious gems using various styles of settings.  From pave settings to channel settings, highlighting your jewelry piece with a display of stones will give it the perfect final touch.

Our Guarantee

Because we stand by the quality of all of our pieces we offer our "Silver Lining Guarantee" which covers your Ramona J. original for one year.  We understand that you are making an investment and we want to help protect it.  Our guarantee covers, cleanings, defects and minor repairs to assist in upholding each piece's value.

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